Explore the power of raw with Through the Woods Workflow.

I recently had the chance to try out Through the Woods Workflow for Adobe Lightroom by SleekLens (also available for Adobe Photoshop), it's basically a great set of landscape photography presets and brushes presets that helps both the beginner and the advanced user in the process of pictures editing and color style creation.

Through the Woods Workflow gives you a great choice of presets as starting point to create the desired look for your pictures, and a series of brushes presets to refine the look with local adjustments and other improvements. The preset collection is intended for landscape photography, but you'll easily find how beautiful they are also on other kind of pictures.

How does it work? Through the Woods Workflow makes adjustments using just the tools available in Lightroom or Photoshop, every preset you apply is adjustable, so take your picture, apply a look, adjust it and dial it up or down as you like it, if needed make some local adjustments using one of their local brush presets and boom, it's done !

The installation is pretty easy, they also provide some pdf files with very clear instructions on how to install the presets, it takes less than two minutes. Once everything is installed you can go from an unedited picture to a good looking one in a matter of seconds:

Despite I'm not a fan of presets in general since I like to make the look myself, this is a case apart, the very large choice of presets they offer is a very good starting point to create your desired look, reason why they don't just give you look presets but also brushes presets. A brush preset is simply a pre-adjusted brush to make local adjustments in your pictures, it's everything inside Lightroom, you'll be able to understand how they achieved that look just by looking at the adjustment sliders once the look is applied. 

This video shows the basic workflow:


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Happy editing !

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